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Helen here! I worked in agriculture, engineering, and geography — so I write about fortunes that come from the Earth:

  • 🗺️Geography: physical and human geography; the lands we live on, and how they shape our lives.

  • 🔥Energy: the indispensable driving force of everything, natural and human-made alike — but so rarely talked about!

  • 🚀Industrial society: it is the world that God never made, but the world we build and live in.

  • 🌑The Unseen: the things we take for granted, the things that are out of mainstream spotlights.

What’s happening now: a series on the Unseen impact of AI

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Join me on the journey

From Eden to Vegas.
From jellyfish to our laptops in the depth of time.
From my medieval farming life, to a fisherman’s life in the desert

There is a lot to see and discover! It’s part Discovery — but for questions that we should have asked but haven't yet about where we were, are, and will be at; and part National Geographic — but seen through different lenses.

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1908 painting by Joseph Edward Southall. Inspiration from the epic poem “The Earthly Paradise” | Source: Birmingham Museums Trust

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Geography (physical and human), energy, industrial society, and The Unseen of modern life and history



Life goal🎯: Margaret Mead in the streets, Bart Simpson in the sheets. Did geography, engineering, agriculture, among other things. Doing AI. ✍️ Geography, energy, industrial society, The Unseen of modern life and history.